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Schaefer misquoted me

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  • Feb. 04, 2017 - 12:58 AM

I was disappointed to see that in his January 26 op-ed, “Coweta should aim higher than ‘affordable housing,’” Ken Schaefer modified and mischaracterized a sentence I wrote in an Urban Wire blog post about why “huge public housing developments that isolate hundreds of extremely poor families in a single community” are a bad idea to bolster his argument against affordable housing in Coweta.

I am, in fact, a proponent of affordable housing, and affordable housing is not synonymous with the large public housing developments I described.

Additionally, as I noted in my blog post, “there is still a role for traditional public housing—at least for the smaller developments that are easier to manage or for developments in more affluent areas with better schools, amenities, and employment opportunities for low-income families.”   

Susan J. Popkin

Senior Fellow in the Urban Institute’s Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center