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Question for NIMBYs

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  • Feb. 10, 2017 - 12:38 AM

“There goes the neighborhood.” From the late 1930s until the late ‘60s this was an expression of resignation and disapproval of racial minorities moving into previously all-white neighborhoods.

The modern-day expression is “Not in my backyard.” The acronym being NIMBY, which is a term for a person who resists development. They preach paranoia and cast suspicion about others to achieve mob opposition against real estate development.

Any time any economic report or development uses the words or cites the need for “affordable housing,” NIMBY opposition begins. The NIMBYs profile that any person in need of affordable housing as being a thief or a drug user, thus bringing higher crime rates and being a threat to the NIMBY’s economic power and self-proclaimed right to be insulated.

My company researches apartment markets. The average price of a one-bedroom apartment for the big eight apartment complexes in Newnan is $1,025 per month. To afford that apartment, you need to have wages of $41,000 a year or $19.71 an hour.

The city of Newnan has a job opening for a police officer beginning at $16.79 a hour, and the county has an opening for a firefighter/EMT beginning at $13.76 an hour. Unfortunately, those positions do not pay enough to afford a new apartment in Newnan.

The question to the NIMBYs is do you really believe that the cop or the fireman who need affordable housing is the deplorable drug-using thief that you do not want being your neighbor?

Walter Krauth III