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​We must rediscover American ideals

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  • Jan. 04, 2017 - 11:38 PM

How would you define American ideals such as liberty, freedom, the pursuit of happiness? What terms would you use? Where and by what means would you hope to find out what they mean? Should you even attempt it?

For the past eight years words like democracy, equality and others of associate nature have been nothing but floating abstractions of subjective relativism. In other words, they are what anyone says they are. No pause. No agreement and no argument – period.

Should you cry when you no longer have answers to such obvious irrational con games?

There was a time when words had concrete meanings, like when you spoke of "morality" everyone, or nearly everyone knew exactly what was meant. And to those who did not understand, you could supply a precise, clear and integrated answer. Can you make the same claim today?

Whatever you choose to consider, be it a family picnic, a complex business plan, defense of a nation, any object, any attribute or any action, the law of identity always remains the same. A tree cannot be both a tree and an airplane at the same time. Nor can a fire be both flame and water at the same time.

The people who taught you to think this way wanted you to forget the obvious, that A is A, that reality is reality, that existence exists. They wanted you to think their way. Do things their way. And, most obnoxious of all, they wanted you to consider any conceivable truth, contradictory or not, their way.

Which brings me back to my beginning: American ideals. My point here is that we no longer need to argue how to define our most sacred American ideals. We need only to rediscover them.

Ralph J. Montonaro