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  • Jan. 03, 2017 - 10:00 PM

Kudos to Piedmont Newnan Hospital Emergency and 8th floor staff - transporters, techs, nurses, doctors for high quality diagnosis, treatment and caring during my emergency Christmas stay. An unequivocal A+ in service quality. The diagnosis & treatment of an undiagnosed 10-month issue has changed my life. Thank you.

Just because the Kohl's break-in information didn't "mention" an alarm doesn't mean that there was no alarm. Maybe it just failed to "mention" the alarm…

If Melania Trump really wants to "campaign against bullying" and cyberbullying, she needs to take away her husband's Twitter account.

I agree with the reader who complained about the "careful don't offend anyone" editorial approach evident in the bland editorial content of your paper. Seems similar to the new approach to coaching kids’ sports teams, "everybody gets a trophy." I used to look forward to reading "Sound Off" where even us ultra conservatives had a voice. No more.

I for one don’t miss the blowhards talking about Obama, Clinton and Trump who took turns lobbing lame insults at one another in Sound Offs with comments they borrowed from cable TV and talk radio. They were neither original nor witty.

I am totally flabbergasted that Waffle House fired the waitress who had the guts to do something while the robbers were threatening to kill the people inside. This lady should have been praised for her guts, not fired. If more people had a concealed-carry permit and carried a gun, the statistics would turn in favor of the innocent instead of the criminals. I hope another business will offer her a job quickly.

Maybe the county could ask the state for a "quick response" to extend the left turn lane on Hwy 34 westbound at Shenandoah Boulevard. It would certainly help the traffic flow in the evening. Also, has the county or state looked at the timing of the traffic lights from Shenandoah Boulevard to Millard Farmer/Newnan Crossing ByPass lately? The evening traffic backup is terrible.

Alex McRae blames "stricter mining and environmental regulations" on the decline of the coal industry. It's fracking and cheap natural gas that did it. Besides, any industry like stripmining with an operating plan of trashing any place where it operates should be kept on a short leash.

This woman did the right thing for the safety of her coworkers. Waffle House should be ashamed of their decisions. I would love to have a coworker who covered my back. This woman deserved a raise, not be fired. These two punks are useless and should have been shot.

It’s a damn shame you can’t protect yourself nowadays. I would like to help this lady if I can. Thanks.

Thanks for adding a couple of local writers, Toby Nix and Scott Ludwig. Their columns have been entertaining and emotional. While they don’t deal with politics like most of what’s on the editorial page, they are indeed thought-provoking.

I agree with the Sound Off in Saturday’s paper. Give us back the letters from individuals, which we don't always agree with, but that's life. Need to know what people are thinking around the county. Enough about people’s children. We all have them. These long articles are very boring.

Someone said they missed the Sound Offs on Washington politics. Tune into MSNBC and Fox News and you can get them from their source. I say good riddance to their childish back-and-forth comments.

Seems Waffle House policy is to encourage thugs to rob their establishments by firing their employees who offer any resistance. I won’t be going there anymore, too dangerous.

I am appalled and furious that Waffle House fired Ms. Stanley. She fired a warning shot, hoping to ward off any more trouble from those scumbags. I will contact Waffle House about this. In my book, she's a heroine.

Not good publicity for the Waffle House to fire an employee for firing her weapon in the air. Maybe she should be fired for not shooting at them. I hope you go to bat for this person.