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​Open containers makes no sense in a ‘dry county’

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Dec. 23, 2016 - 6:46 AM

My concern is regarding this move for "open carry" of alcohol in the public areas of Coweta county. Let's go straight to the point, with logic. There are certain steps to arrive at a logical conclusion, as I am sure the public servants in our county have been taught in college.

The question for this issue is: How can Coweta County prohibit a citizen from buying liquor in a store that one could consume in the safety of their own home, but will allow people to consume liquor in public places, areas where children are present, young mothers are present, some pregnant, out with their families for family fun, grandparents, myself and family, to be exposed to the antics and craziness of those that will chose to be drunk?  

You can count on that heavy consumption of alcohol to be present at every event, placing citizens at dire risk. That risk is exactly why we must have DUI laws. These people drinking alcohol in public places will need to drive home, using the proverbial "designated driver," which is usually a myth.

Alcohol causes poor judgement, a rush to intense temper flares, and exacerbation of mental disorders. A person who has over two alcoholic drinks is a danger to everyone around him or her.

I am not a "Bible thumper or a do gooder.” I see this from a psych RN prospective, working at a mental hospital daily, where I see and hear all the catastrophes of alcohol overindulgence, the patient saying they just don't remember what happened. That can be the excuse you will hear when property and bodily harm has occurred.

Where is the logic of exposing police officers, children, your property and your health, so that money can be made in the restaurants and bars?

What positive thing can the public receive from alcohol sales? Taxes? If that is the case, I am sure more taxes could be collected from liquor-store sales.

I know nothing of the politics of Newnan, but I know logic. This move to allow drinking in public places, yet not allowing liquor sales in liquor stores, is the worst logic I have seen displayed in government here.

Martha Hiett