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Arrest Log

Arrest Log: Nov. 7 – 13

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Nov. 14, 2016 - 3:14 PM

The following arrest bookings were listed in the Coweta County Jail. The arresting departments are noted: Coweta County Sheriff's Office (CCSO), Coweta Probation (CPRB), Child Support (CLDS), Crime Suppression Unit (CSU), District Court (DC), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC), Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GDNR), Georgia State Patrol (GSP), Grantville City Court (GRTV), Grantville Police Department (GPD), Magistrate Court (MAG), Newnan City Court (NWCT), Newnan Police Department (NPD), Newnan Probation (NPRB), Palmetto Police Department (PPD), Department of Community Supervision (PARL), Private Investigator (PRIV), Senoia City Court (SNCT), Senoia Police Department (SPD), State Probation (STPR), Superior Court (SUP), U.S. Marshals (USM), or others.

Violation of probation or parole is listed as VOP, violation of the Georgia controlled substance act is listed as VGCSA, failure to appear is noted as FTA, hold for other agency is listed as HOA, family violence act is listed as FVA, failure to maintain lane is listed as FTML and driving under the influence is abbreviated DUI.

All persons arrested, except those held by orders of the magistrate or those arrested for violation of probation, are released from custody after posting bond or paying a fine.

The following arrest bookings were listed in the Coweta County Jail. The arresting departments are noted:

November 7

Ayers, David Allen, 25 - probation violation, SUP

Beville, Jackie Dreuman, 37 - FTA, suspended license, STA, GSP

Buck, Evan Michael, 19 - FTA, SUP

Coleman, Christopher Lee, 40 - narcotics possession (two counts), CCSO

Collins, Ray Allen, 47 - HOA

Cook, Blake Tremez, 30 - probation violation (two counts), CPRB

Costly, Chandler Wilson,19 - no brake lights, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), NPD

Cross, William Hunter, 19 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), NPD

Daniel, William Pleasley Jr., 28 - probation violation, CPRB

Dewberry, Mary Lou, 54 - stalking aggravated, CCSO

Hesler, Joseph William, 26 - HOA

Jackson, Joann Carlisa, 25 - identity fraud, forgery, fraud using financial transaction card, CCSO

Kobeck, Joanna Yvonne, 38 - probation violation, narcotics possession (two counts), STPR, CCSO

Spencer, Theresa Marie, 43 - suspended license, CCSO

Takekawa, Tanner Alexander, 17 -  marijuana possession (misdemeanor), NPD

Velez-Reyes, Adolfo Ivan, 28 - probation violation, STPR

Walker, Corey Shawn, 33 - probation violation, SUP

Walker, Johnny Frank, 46 - probation violation, NPRB, SUP

November 8

Anthony, Hakeem Marvelous, 23 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), CCSO

Barnes, William Allen, 19 - probation violation, SUP

Dailey, Brendan M, 28 - criminal trespass, CCSO

Goodall, John David, 43 - probation violation, CPRB

Hernandez-Ortega, Mariana, 34 - driving without license, FTML, CCSO

McDaniel, Dusty Ray, 38 - probation violation, STPR

Snelling, Frankie Deonte, 32 - probation violation, CPRB

Swindle, Eric Montanez, 31 - content of superior court, DC

Tindle, Kayla Nicole, 21 - theft by taking, CCSO

West, Kalen Cornel, 20 - driving without license, NPD

November 9

Abbott, Kirk Wilson, 51 - FTA, STA

Bell, Brittany Beam, 31 - no proof of insurance, following too closely, GSP

Castle, Michael Leon, 33 - DUI, speeding, suspended license, operating vehicle without registration, CCSO

Dawes, Joshua Lee, 39 - terroristic acts and threats, stalking, criminal trespass, theft by taking, PRIV

Hargett, Zaquan Labrenta, 24 - HOA

Henderson, Samantha Leigh, 29 - probation violation, NPRB

Henry, Roger Alan, 31 - narcotics possession, CCSO

Hutchinson, Darrell Heath, 25 - suspended license, wrong side of roadway, GPD

Long, Taylor Patrick, 22 - leaving scene of accident with injury/death, reckless driving, FTML, vehicular homicide, DUI, GSP

Neither, Roderick Jermaine, 34 - aggravated assault, battery, theft by taking, NPD

Parrott, Crystal Elizabeth, 37 - probation violation, STPR

Powell, Tonya Vaughn, 22 - license to be carried and exhibited on demand, DUI, CCSO

Prosper, Anthony Michael, 25 - giving false name to officers, CCSO

Rawls, Rodra Lewis, 33 - violation of parole, PAR

Sanchez, Eddie DeJesus, 74 - child molestation (two counts), CCSO

Smith, Steven Ernest, 48 - speeding, DUI refusal, driving without license, SPD

Smith, Sydney Aylis, 22 - FTA, SUP

Stargell, Vince Tavorris, 40 - contempt of superior court, CLDS

Truitt, Terrance Maurice, 38 - parole violation, giving false name to officers, drug related objects, license to be carried and exhibited on demand, suspended license, removing license plate to conceal ID, safety belts, CCSO

Watson, John Kimsey, 39 - defective equipment, no headlights, suspended license, CCSO

November 10

Alberto, Sergio Pena, 39 - FTA, SUP

Blankenship, Erica Dawn, 21 - public drunkenness, NPD

Booth, Selina Keron, 45 - DUI, parking in handicapped area, CCSO

Carver, Charles Randall, 47 - probation violation, SUP

Collier, Michelle Lee, 47 - HOA

Course, Eric Marcus, 29 - open container, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), CCSO

Hill, Deangelo Larico, 28 - obstruction of officers, no proof of insurance, no headlights, suspended registration, fleeing/attempting to elude, driving without license, stop sign violation, improper turn signals, narcotics possession, possession of weapon by convicted felon, committing crime with firearm by convicted felon, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), probation violation, NPD, STPR

Hobby, Virginia Marie, 30 - burglary, theft by taking, narcotics possession, CCSO

Jones, Christopher Elijah, 28 - operating vehicle without registration, suspended license, NPD

Lambacher, Daniel Allen, 28 - open container, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), CCSO

Lederman, Keegan Edward, 21 - DUI, FTML, CCSO

McGhee, Leon Demetrius, 41 - FTML, DUI, CCSO

Montee, Kimberly Sue, 46 - HOA

Queen, Michael Robert, 38 - probation violation, CPRB

Reed, Brandon, 22 -marijuana possession (misdemeanor), NPD

Serb, Christopher Allen, 45 - probation violation, SUP

Thomas, Brandrais Parks, 21 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), NPD

Upshaw, Charles Dominick, 32 - battery, child cruelty, NPD

November 11

Baker, Quintavion Deshawn, 20 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), possession of weapon during commission of crime, NPD

Brouillette, Thomas Freeman, 59 - operating vehicle without registration, suspended license, CCSO

Brown, Ricky Lee, 58 - theft by receiving stolen property, NPD

Callahan, Casey James, 18 - motorcycles required to use headlights, no proof of insurance, equipment for motorcycle riders, operating vehicle without registration/valid take, suspended license, CCSO

Carapia, Leonardo Daniel, 23 - probation violation, STA

Dettmering, Elise Danielle, 17 - theft by shoplifting, CCSO

Dix, Joseph Michael, 19 - burglary, NPD

Dukes, Kenneth Darius, 32 - HOA

Grimes, Ruby Lauren, 44 - DUI, duty upon striking fixture, NPD

Mercado, Vincent James, 30 - fugitive from justice, CCSO

Mohamed, Jaleel Asim, 35 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), driver to use due care, CCSO

Munson, James Donald, 50 - suspended license, CCSO

Myers, Perry Randall Jr., 40 - probation violation, suspended license, NPRB, CCSO

Phillips, Ashley Nicole, 30 - probation violation, STPR

Plummer, Kenneth Randall, 34 - suspended license, removing license plate to conceal ID, CCSO

Render, Casey Raekwon Tyler, 18 - HOA

Robinson, Tarique Rundae Nikinji, 19 - marijuana possession (misdemeanor), NPD

Rowland, Maria Willingham, 41 - suspended license, suspended registration, NPD

Smith, Camara Oronde, 40 - possession of weapon by convicted felon, theft by receiving stolen property, GPD

Vargas, Raymundo Espinoza, 37 - no proof of insurance, operating vehicle without registration, driving without license, CCSO

Villacres, Joshua Douglas, 21 - stalking NPD

Warner, Natasha Nicole, 32 - stalking, CCSO

Welch, Gregory Brink, 48 - aggravated assault, NPD

November 12

Clark, Jontavis Vishawn, 19 - burglary, CCSO

Curtis, Jimmy Dale II, 51 - probation violation, CPRB

Deadman, Anne Renee, 49 - burglary, CCSO

Garcia, Jeremy Michael, 21 - probation violation, STPR

Graves, Jessica Juanita, 26 - criminal trespass, obstruction of officers, CCSO

Green, Philip Jamal, 41 - suspended license, speeding, GPD

Harrelson, Christopher Lee, 31 - probation violation, STPR

Hatcher, Preston Edward, 31 - FTML, DUI, NPD

Hernandez, Jose Espinoza, 22 - driving without license, NPD

Irigoyen, Elizabeth Hernandez, 46 - suspended license, slower traffic keep right, GPD

Johnson, Dontavius Tyrese, 17 - burglary, theft by receiving stolen property, CCSO

Langley, Gary Christopher Shawn, 30 - probation violation, STPR

Linder, Thomas Allen, 44 - burglary, possession of weapon by convicted felon, CCSO

Oneil, John Michael Jr., 32 - burglary, theft by receiving stolen property, CCSO

Pearsall, Michael Antonio, 27 - operating motor vehicle approaching emergency vehicle, unauthorized used of motor vehicle with blue lights, suspended license, GPD

Riley, Joshua James, 31 - contempt of superior court, DC

Robinson, Quanethia Queunsha, 31 - probation violation, CPRB

Smith, Ralph Edward Jr., 38 - duty to make immediate report of accident, FTML, DUI, CCSO

Smith, Travel Dante, 36 - HOA

Suinga, Adam Alexander, 33 - FTML, DUI, expiration of license, CCSO

Wheelus, Vontavious Rytrez, 21 - battery, CCSO

White, Jaelin Kortez, 17 - burglary, possession of alcohol under 21, giving false name to officers, CCSO

November 13

Antoja-Guzman, Juan Manuel, 27 - driving while unlicensed, no headlights/taillights, NPD

Shelnutt, Justin Lee, 26 - narcotics possession, GPD

Slaughter, William Scott, 28 - narcotics possession with intent to distribute, GPD

Sutton, Christopher Keon, 30 - probation violation, giving false name to officer, suspended license, marijuana possession (misdemeanor), CCSO

Williams, Michael javon, 26 - probation violation, STPR

Yancey, Ontario Raekwon, 21 - open container, reckless driving, CCSO